Team up with a Social Media Marketing Company to Trigger the Right Response from Customers

You can’t get customers running after your product simply by enchanting them. Instead, you need the right mix of social media planning and strategies that will help you acquire leads in an accurate and precise way. Branex is a premium social media Management agency embroiled with the optimum zeal to augment your brand awareness and visibility.

Our Social Media Marketing Company works along the following activities:

Turning visitors into real customers.

Audience & Competitors Research

We do in-depth research about your potential customers, design your buyer persona, and identify how you can solve their problem. We also study your competitors to develop unique strategies to outrun them.

Effective Strategies

We develop custom strategies for every business and decide when and what to post. After analyzing your followers’ activities. We make appropriate changes in the strategy to optimize your performance.

Content Creation

From writing content to creating exclusive images and videos. we do it all! We also create content which is unique, interactive, and fascinates the attention of your prospects while they scroll down impatiently.

Content Marketing

We market your content to the most suitable people who are more likely to buy from you. Also, we promote your brand through paid campaigns; run ads, and get influencers talking about you on different social channels.

Automation & Re-purposing

Our NJ social media marketing company helps you save time by automating the posting using authentic software. Also, we make most out of your existing content by appropriate re-purposing.

Analysis, Reporting & Testing

Our team provide you with weekly reports and analyze the data to optimize the performance. We also test social media platforms, publishing times, and campaigns to customize our services.

A plethora of Traffic – Bursts of Clicks – Mounted Revenue Let’s Talk About Your Project

Facebook Marketing

68% of Americans use Facebook. So, our Facebook marketing services involve crafting appealing Facebook content, managing ads, and engaging with your audience. We also run the analysis to see what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Instagram Marketing

With 1 billion users, Instagram is the most influential platform to market your products or services. So, we promote your brand and help you increase your sales by creating interactive visual content; posts, stories, videos, polls, etc. We target highly specific people through Instagram ads and help you grow your online presence, eventually leading to more sales.

Twitter Marketing

Our services help you identify and target your ideal customers among 261 million people on Twitter. We also make a content plan, do hashtag research, create interactive tweets, run ads. In conclusion, we make sure that you have a brand-centric Twitter profile.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the latest platform to boost relevant traffic, increase visibility, and attract more customers. 93% of pinners use Pinterest to make purchases. So, we create brand-oriented pin-boards and design interactive images. We also make it sure that your pins are continuously re-pinned by the most relevant users.


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