Why isn’t my Website Ranking


What should we do to make our website ranking good? Its a million-dollar question. Every question has an answer.
Let’s find the answers here that what should we do? Where we are doing mistakes? How we should fix them all.

Update the website with great content
The content you promote should trustworthy and relevant. Update the pages with fresh information. Google will notice your content sharply. Always write resourceful and detailed content. Launch as many data-driven as you can. It will increase the quality of your website. Your website ranking will be better.

The length of the content
If you are familiar with the reader’s state of mind you should set your content length according to it. The top 10 website average length of the content is above 2000 words. It should be deep informative. If all the content isn’t full of new information, it’s ranking will decrease.

Keyword in the title tag
Your keyword should appear more frequently. The content must relate to its keywords.
The title tag is an important on-page SEO Services. Google considers listing a website upon a user’s quest. The title tag that begins with a keyword performs better. The keyword in any other position.

Image optimization

website ranking

Let’s suppose your content is optimized. What happens with image descriptions? People use Google to find visual content. You should make sure to optimize images along with your content.

Multimedia content

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It’s the requirement of online users. Google wants to give it to them. Images, videos, graphics, and other multimedia elements can indicate better quality. Google will take it as a signal for higher website ranking.

If your content is similar to other pages it will down your ranking. Your content ideas should be unique. It will increase your website ranking. Create sites with original content.

Update the social profiles

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Keep your social profiles updated. Add the links to the home page of your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

These are the aspects you can apply to make your website ranking better.

You have completed all the requirements mentioned above but your website ranking is not good yet. This is a big problem. Now You have to work on these points now to upgrade your ranks for SEO.

Use all the right keywords.
Check grammatical errors.
Do not overoptimize your content.
Google must found your site.
Do not turn on the privacy settings.
Fix errors as many as you can.

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